Logan Director Explains Why Hugh Jackman Never Wore Wolverine Mask

I see a lot of similarities between myself and Wolverine; both of us are incredibly ripped, neither of us have a good taste in hair, and Hugh Jackman would jump at the chance to play us in a movie of both of our lives.

The similarities don’t end there, however – much like Hugh’s Wolverine, I don’t like wearing masks. (Despite what certain rumours about me may say on the internet…)

In the ten films whereby Hugh Jackman has starred as Wolverine – ranging from 2000 to archive footage featured in Deadpool 2 – the Australian actor has yet to don Wolverine’s iconic yellow and black headpiece.

Logan’s director, James Mangold, has shared a perfectly good reason as to why, however… And it’s not just because it would be a sin to mask Hugh’s chiseled features.

During a recent watch-party of his critically-acclaimed superhero film, James provided commentary and was asked why Wolverine went mask-less, to which he said it seemed out of character for him to don something that’s self-promoting like that.

The director did, however, give a brief glimmer of optimism, stating that he believed the next iteration of Wolverine would definitely wear the cowl.

Unfortunately, Hugh Jackman has publicly retired from the role of Wolverine, and Marvel are seemingly looking for other actors to fill his boots. And, more importantly, wear his huge claws. (I mean, Logan’s shoes were never a big draw, were they?)

All I’m saying is, Marvel, I am available for the role. Just know you’ll need a lot of material for the headgear; especially around the nose area. Like, a shit load of materal.

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