Tom Holland Reacts To Ben 10 Fan Casting

You have to feel sorry for Tom Holland; there’s not a day that goes by where he’s not fan-cast in some new movie franchise.

So far, he’s been begged by fans to play Marty McFly, Milo Thatch, and even one charming, charismatic and exquisitely handsome interviewer even asked if he’d take on the role of Flynn Rider in a Tangled live-action remake.

Now, Ben 10 fans are rallying together to see the Spider-Man actor take on the role of Ben Tennyson. (Seriously. That’s his name. If you Google ‘nominative determinism’, Ben 10 is the only result you’ll get.)

One meme account shared an edited photo of Tom Holland as the Cartoon Network hero, with the captions “C’mon, Netflix, make this happen,” and “I think he’d make a quality Ben 10”.

I’ve spoken to Tom Holland for several minutes, and he was very articulate, and spoke at great length about the topics he felt passionate about, so I was intrigued to see exactly what hot take he’d have on the fan casting.

“No,” said Tom. That – that was it.

Well, I sort of agree with Tom. Seeing him play a superhero with insect-like qualities would just be plain weird, I think. It would never work.

If that has, however, upset you, you can fill that 1.73 m hole in your heart with his other many upcoming films, including Chaos Walking, The Devil All The Time and the Uncharted spin-off movie, which began filming earlier this year.

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