Literally, Just Every Damn Thing You Need To Know About Tom Holland’s Uncharted Film

I bloody love video games. I play them all the time. And, before you ask, no, not because I have no friends who will invite me to events and get-togethers, but for other reasons…

Reasons that I can’t actually think of right now. Sigh.

I also bloody love Tom Holland. I don’t know if you know, but I once interviewed him. It’s not as if I bang on about it every five minutes.

I don’t! I bang on about it every three minutes, actually.

That’s why I’m so excited for the upcoming Uncharted movie, starring Tom as a young Nathan Drake. In fact, I’m so excited, why don’t I write an SEO-optimised article all about it? That does sound like a good idea, doesn’t it?

> Every One Of Tom’s Holland’s Upcoming (And Rumoured) Movie Roles

The Release Date

Don’t you just love good ol’ coronavirus? Not only has it prevented me from celebrating my birthday with any of my friends or family; not only has it stopped me from being in any building other than my flat (which now smells of socks – really, really awful socks); not only has it given me a weird addiction to wearing face coverings like I’m part of the Hells Angels, but…

It’s also pushed back the release of Uncharted. Originally set for release in late 2020, Tom’s film will now be available on the big screen 8 October 2021. (Fingers crossed for no more pandemics… For both the lives of innocent people and for new movies. Obviously.)

Tom Holland marked the first day of shooting on Instagram with the apt caption ‘Day one’ as he showed the name ‘Nate’.

The Plot

Whilst the movie will be based on the four-part video game series, Uncharted will actually act as a prequel, with a younger Nathan Drake being mentored by a less-grey, less-moustached Victor.

If the games are anything to go by, expect a mythical, fantasy final act, and a lot of jumping on to conveniently placed platforms.

The Cast

Okay, you know Tom Holland’s in this film. His name’s in the title of the article; his face is on the featured image; I’ve mentioned him several times in this post, so it should come as now shock that the Spider-Man star will be playing a younger Nathan Drake.

He will be joined by Mark Wahlberg who will star as Drake’s paternal figure, Victor Sullivan. Tom has flashed his six pack on his Instagram Story, saying “When working with [Mark] you gotta get after it”. (Yes, I’m using the below picture to get more likes. I’m shameless.)

The 100‘s Tati Gabrielle will play Drake’s future wife, Elena Fisher, and Sophia Ali will portray Chloe Frazer.

Antonio Banderas is also rumoured to have a role in Uncharted – presumably as the villain. Why wouldn’t he? The last film I saw him play a villain in was Dolittle, and that was just bloody FANTASTIC.

The Director

Ruben Fleischer will helm Uncharted, having previously directed Gangster Squad, Venom and both Zombieland movies.

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