Nolan North Gives Tom Holland Tips On Playing Uncharted’s Nathan Drake

Lockdown has been very productive for me; I‘ve learnt seven different languages, written my own sonnet and mastered the art of tai chi played hours of video games.

Don’t panic; before all of my readership riots in frenzy, panicking that I’ll now have to register the domain The Video Game Dweeb, fear not – I have also watched several films.

I spoke to Nolan North, acclaimed voice actor who’s known for his roles in games such as Assassin’s Creed, the Batman: Arkham franchise and Deadpool.

However, being The Movie Dweeb, I couldn’t just speak to Nolan about what flavour a Wumpa Fruit is – for real; we actually did discuss that – I also wanted to probe Nolan as to what advice he’d give Tom Holland for taking on the role of Nathan Drake in the upcoming live-action Uncharted.

“Make it your own,” suggested Nolan, having already said that when he was given the role of Iron Man in Marvel’s Avengers, he wanted to differ from Robert Downey Jr’s iconic performance of the superhero.

“Be your Nathan Drake. If you go out there trying to play my type of Drake – which I’m sure he won’t – people are going to say ‘Well, I liked it from the game better’, but if you make it your own, it’s like ‘This is different. I can wrap my head around that’.

“That’s the one reason I think that [Uncharted] may have an opportunity to be successful,” continued Nolan.

Tom Holland was an unlikely casting for the Uncharted live action adaptation, but this film will act as a prequel, providing the backstory on a younger Drake, with Boogie Nights‘ Mark Wahlberg as his mentor, Victor Sullivan. Antonio Banderas, Sophia Taylor Ali and Tati Gabrielle will all star in supporting roles.

Having first portrayed the treasure hunter in the Uncharted series in 2007, Nolan has gone on to play him six more times, including Uncharted’s video game sequels, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and even in a motion comic, called Uncharted: Eye of Indra.

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