Tyrese Gibson Dodges Rumours About A Morbius / Black Widow Sequel

At this point, does anybody know what Universe we’re in? I’ve seen Tom Holland’s Spider-Man kick it with Andrew and Tobey’s? What If…? lead me to believe we’re getting more Howard the Duck.

And, most importantly, according to one leak, it seems like Ben Stiller’s character from Night at the Museum is going to appear in a Marvel property.

Yes. I’m just as confused as you are. (And I literally get paid not to be confused by this stuff.)

I was awaiting for the release of Morbius, as I assumed that could give me an insight into what’s seemingly going on with this Multiverse, but – by that logic – I’ll be waiting until I’m 98 and am half-man, half-cyborg, in the hope of that film finally releasing.

In the trailers, there’s elements from all the different Spider-Man movies, leading some to believe we may see more inter-dimensional antics amongst the cast, which is why, when I spoke to Morbius star, Tyrese Gibson, I had to ask about the possibility.

He has recently signed a three-movie contract, set to appear in two more Morbius films as Simon Stroud, who famously teamed up with Black Widow in the original comics. Of course, with this being Marvel, Tyrese was very willing to give an in-depth and spoiler-filled response when I asked if his character would ever partner with Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha.

“No comment, sir,” he said. (Is – is this clickbait? Did I just clickbait you? Am I scum?)

“Nice try,” he continued. “Your accent almost got me.” At this point, I assumed he was hardly going to tell me the every plot detail to every upcoming superhero film for the next decade, but Tyrese did assure me that there were more clues to be spotted.

Speaking of the trailers, he said there were many hidden secrets and Easter eggs to be found, which will lead to new information about the likes of Morbius‘ Universe and what characters we can expect to find.

I fully appreciate that this probably isn’t the news you were looking for, but it gave me an excuse to boast that Tyrese liked my accent.

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