The Wildest Reactions To Delroy Lindo’s Golden Globes Snub

I don’t usually start drinking at 1:30PM on a Wednesday afternoon, but when I do, it’s because the Golden Globes have just announced their nominations.

Frankly, I’m surprised I could make it through this entire sentence without passing out. After all, I did have to neck two bottles of Jack Daniels just to get through it.

I doubt I was the only one drunk, however, after the Golden Globes gave nominations to Jared Leto for The Little Things, and snubbed – deep breath… The Boys, Da 5 Bloods, I May Destroy You, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Sophia Loren, What We Do In The Shadows, Zendaya and more.

But what really gets my blood boiling is the fact that Delroy Lindo – someone who’s performance in Da 5 Bloods was so utterly mesmerising – is now sat at home questioning why he didn’t get a nomination, but James Corden did. (Fuck it. I might go for another bottle of JD.)

Recently, I campaigned for Delroy to win the Golden Globe, as well as the Academy Award, and everything in between – I was even willing to give him my wallet and phone – but that seems like a dream after he, too, was snubbed for a nomination.

What a performance from Delroy. His PTSD-suffering character, Paul, goes through every emotion imaginable, and Lindo delivers it with such subtleties that it almost makes you forget you’re watching someone acting, and instead think you’re watching someone just… Living.

While it isn’t quite the recognition he wants/deserves, there is some light in knowing that pretty much every one of Twitter’s 330 million users are now up in arms over Delroy’s snub.

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