Kingsley Ben-Adir Is Not Campaigning To Bring Back The OA

During lockdown, I’ve attempted to watch many different series; I started The Boys, I began watching The Umbrella Academy, and I got The Witcher going. I haven’t finished any of these shows yet.

Not because I lost interest in them; I actually find them all very entertaining. It’s actually because Below Deck happened, and ever since my girlfriend discovered the existence of Captain Lee and all of his crew, that is the only thing to be played on our television since lockdown began.

That is how much Alex can be dedicated to a show she likes, similarly to The OA. When she found out I was speaking to the star of Netflix’s mystery-drama, Kingsley Ben-Adir, she insisted that I ask him about the possibility of a third season, and not about his exceptional stint as Malcolm X in One Night In Miami.

At fear of being evicted from the junket and banned from ever making eye-contact with an Academy Award nominee again, I did both.

Kingsley, who portrays Karim Washington in the second season of The OA, said that he’s not petitioning for the show to get a third season, because – in his words – “if I got involved with petitions for all of the shows that I’ve been in that have been cancelled, I’d just spend my whole life petitioning.”

“That’s the gig of an actor,” said the Oscar-hopeful, saying how he goes from job-to-job, but went on to call The OA ‘special’, and suggested that it could come back one day, possibly as a book.

While it doesn’t look good for my girlfriend, who will probably force me to sleep on the sofa tonight for getting such a negative response from Kingsley, it does finally put to rest the speculation that Netflix’s series could be returning for a third season.

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