8 Of The Most Awkward Oscars 2020 Moments

Isn’t the Academy Awards just wonderful? Parasite shocked everyone, by walking away with four Oscars, including Best Picture; making it the first international film to do so. Joaquin Phoenix provided a noble, thought-provoking speech. And, well…

Martin Scorsese slept through a lot of it.

If you didn’t stay up to watch the entire 92nd Academy Awards ceremony (because you actually have a life, and some common sense), fear not, because I’ve perfectly collated all of the awkward moments that were award-winning themselves.

Janelle Monae had (several) major wardrobe malfunctions

The Hidden Figures star kicked off the ceremony with a tribute to Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, as she sang ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor?’. That was fine. Until she had to undress herself.

As Janelle stepped on to the stage, she attempted to remove her jacket, only for it to get stuck on her arms, and after she eventually removed it (and dropped it on the floor), she revealed that some of the buttons on her shirt were undone.

At least it couldn’t get any worse for Janelle, eh?

Brad Pitt snubs Janelle’s attempts to sing with him

During her medley, Janelle jumped off of the stage and into the crowd, commanding the likes of Margot Robbie, Cynthia Erivo and even Tom Hanks to sing “la-la-la” with her.

It was all fun and games until now-Oscar-winner Brad Pitt recoiled from the microphone, shaking his head.

Blac Chyna attended the Oscars… For some reason

The Oscars’ red carpet boasts some of the biggest, most prolific talents, as they grace Hollywood with their presence; from Robert DeNiro to Meryl Streep.

And yet, when I heard TOWIE‘s Mark Wright was attending, in order to interview said stars, my jaw hit the ground. “How could this night get any weirder?”

Enter Blac Chyna – former lover of Tyga and Rob Kardashian, and star of exactly one direct-to-DVD film, Percentage. (Yeah, I hadn’t heard of it either.)

Someone stepped on Olivia Colman’s dress

I’ve done some pretty embarrassing things in front of celebrities – I sweated on Margot Robbie; I called Daisy Ridley a boy; and I threatened to kidnap Chris Pratt to his face.

At least I didn’t nearly choke any of them, which is more than what one woman could say after she stood on The Favourite’s Olivia Colman’s cape.

Eminem surprised the audience, and they, well, reacted…

In a weird moment, whereby the Academy celebrated music in film, Eminem performed his Oscar-winning single ‘Lose Yourself’ 18 years after he won.

Naturally. It’s a song about having “one shot”. As long as that shot is nearly a fifth of a century later.

As he took to the stage, and gave the censors a field day with their bleep button, many of the stars watched in shock and/or confusion.

Whilst I was struggling to keep my eyes awake during the ceremony, I didn’t have a goody bag worth thousands and thousands of dollars to keep me going. Unlike Martin Scorsese who fell asleep during Eminem’s performance.

Or look at famed singer, Idina Menzel, known for playing Elsa in Disney’s Frozen

Billie Eilish became a meme for her facial expression

The ‘bad guy’ star made her debut at the Oscars, performing a gorgeous rendition of The Beatles’ ‘Yesterday’ for their In Memoriam segment.

But it wasn’t this that caught the internet’s attention. Oh, no, no, no.

As Bridesmaids stars, Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph sang as they presented an award, GRAMMY winner Billie Eilish couldn’t hold in what she really thought, and it was then that a new meme was born…

When the Academy tried to shut down Best Picture winners, the Parasite team

It’s a recurring gag that everyone’s speeches go on for too long at awards ceremonies, but when a team shocked the world by winning a lot more awards than expected, and even breaking history, let them talk.

As the producers of Parasite thanked their loved ones, the lights dimmed and the microphone sank into the ground, signalling that the ceremony was over.

Luckily for them, the likes of Charlize Theron and Tom Hanks were on stand-by to demand that they be given more time to talk.

This also happened…

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