Daisy Ridley Wants Rose Tico To Get Her Own Disney+ Spin-Off Series

Have you seen Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker yet? You have? If you’re anything like me, you thoroughly enjoyed the 142 minutes of adrenaline-filled galactic action.

Did you see Kelly Marie Trans’ Rose Tico in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker? You didn’t? That’s fair, because her heroic engineer appeared in the final film for a brief 1 minute and 16 seconds. Including scenes without any dialogue.

That’s 76 seconds. I’ve eaten a whole KFC Boneless Banquet in about the same time. But I don’t know who that says more about.

After being introduced in Rian Johnson’s controversial The Last Jedi, Rose was promoted to head of the Resistance’s Engineering Corps, and was said to have a “big” role. Much like Star Wars, I, too, have said I’ve got something big when in fact it’s less-than-average at best.

I caught up with Daisy Ridley, known for playing Rey – who’s also one of the best parts of The Rise of Skywalker – and asked her which bad-ass* females she’d like to see get their own Disney+ spin-offs.

* Yes, I said “ass” like an American. Yes, I feel sick at the thought of it.

“Rose, ’cause I want to see what babes has been up to on the Resistance Base,” she said. This comes after JJ Abrams’ The Rise of Skywalker received criticism for sidelining her character.

Daisy also mentioned giving Naomi Ackie her own spin-off series, after some claimed her character, Jannah, was only included as a love-interest for John Boyega’s Finn. “We’ve got a lot to uncover,” she continued, speaking of Naomi’s character.

Of course, I didn’t just catch up with Daisy about us possibly writing our own Star Wars spin-off series in the hope that I could become a multi-millionaire producer (but that thought was definitely in the back of my mind.)

I also wanted to quiz her on one of Mark Hamill’s posts on Twitter, which hinted that Harry Styles had a cameo in the film; adding him to a long list of stars who have secretly appeared in the franchise.

“I don’t think that’s true.

“I’m pretty sure that [Harry’s] not in it, and if he is, I’m pissed that I didn’t meet him, because I love him,” confessed Daisy, before noting that Mark may have got confused with Ed Sheeran, who definitely did play a stormtrooper in The Rise of Skywalker.

It’s a relief to know that John Boyega didn’t shoot Harry Styles, because – while pissing of a Star Wars fan is bad – you ain’t seen nothing when it comes to the One Direction fandom.


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