Why Is This Week “The Week of Jeffrey Wright”?

I have spent months upon months of pestering poor filmmakers’ publicists; begging them to organise a brief Zoom chat with me, just so I can boost my fame get to know the process of cinema better.

But I genuinely believe I have pestered no-one more so than I have Jeffrey Wright, whose publicist – I’m guessing – moved me directly into their spam folder after the 82nd email.

I’m a huge fan of Jeffrey’s work, and am growing increasingly excited to see him in some of his upcoming projects such as The French Dispatch and The Batman. Which is why, when I caught wind of ‘The Week of Jeffrey Wright’, I knew that was a celebration I could get on board with.

Unless our government cancels that last minute, like they did with Christmas.

One fan, named Kyle Arking, suggested that we name this week commencing Monday, 4 October as ‘The Week of Jeffrey Wright’, given that the series finale of What If…? will air, seeing his stint as The Watcher come to an end. We will also see Jeffrey’s final performance as Felix Leiter in the Bond franchise, in the latest No Time To Die.

Yes. I’m sobbing as I type this. Move on. No need to stop and stare.

After Kyle suggested this, Jeffrey was quick to make the celebrations official, simply by quoting the original Tweet and saying “Yes. You may.”

Now I’m worried. I haven’t decorated at all. I need to carve my Jeff-o-Lanterns, I need to put tinsel on my Wrightmas Tree, and don’t even get me started on the Easter Jeff Hunt that I need to organise…

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