Owen Wilson Jokingly Fan Casts Fantastic Four Project

There’s only two impressions that I can flawlessly do – one of a man who is tired all the time, and who solely eats Pringles.

And the other is of Owen Wilson’s ‘wow’.

So, when Disney gave me the chance to speak to the Wedding Crashers star, you best believe I introduced him to one of those impressions. Can you guess which?

Obviously it was the first one. You honestly think I’m going to do an Owen Wilson impression to Owen Wilson? Not even Tom Hiddleston did that, and he’s actually, y’know, talented!

In Disney+’s Loki, Owen Wilson stars as Mobius M Mobius, a man who I even because of his name, and a man who was first introduced into the Marvel series via a Fantastic Four comic.

After years of fans petitioning for Emily Blunt and John Krasinski to star in a Fantastic Four reboot, and with one seemingly coming, I took it upon myself to ask Owen who he’d possibly like to star alongside.

He was quick to agree that John and Emily would be great choices, and we suggested that Meryl Streep could also star as The Thing, a super-strong rock-like monster. Let’s face it, if anyone can, Meryl can.

I’d like to think that somewhere in Los Angeles, Kevin Feige has just awoken, with sweat racing down his face, as he realises Owen and I have effortlessly cast Fantastic Four.

Owen also said that going into Loki, he wasn’t totally aware of the Thor lore, so had to get his co-star, Tom Hiddleston, to give him ‘Loki Lectures’, saying “Tom was the teacher.

“I think if I had more teachers like Tom, I’d have done better at school, because he was very understanding and patient.”

This is where Owen and I differ; whereas he said he’d learn better having Tom as a teacher, I would – on the other hand – spend every day of every school term asking him what Fozzie Bear smelled like on the set of Muppets Most Wanted.

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