Apple TV+ To Premiere Bonus Mythic Quest Episode

Don’t you just love it when you get something totally unexpected, and out of the blue? Like finding a fiver folded up in your jeans pocket.

BUT IMAGINE THIS FIVER HAD ROB McELHENNEY SAT ON IT. Now that would be a good fiver.

After season one of Mythic Quest aired in February 2020 – or, as I like to refer to it; the last month of joy and happiness – Apple announced a bonus episode of the workplace comedy series, named ‘Everlight’.

Ian, Poppy, Brad and the rest of the video game studio struggle with the realities of returning to work following a little something called coronavirus. (I’d understand if you was unsure; I didn’t know about it either.)

Not only are the cast all returning, but Academy Award thespian (and TikTok icon) Anthony Hopkins even lends his voice for the episode.

“‘Everlight’ is a special episode that addresses the practical and emotional difficulties of returning to normalcy.” said It’s Always Sunny’s Rob McElhenney.

“It’s full of hope and joy and optimism for a bright future. Ahead of our upcoming second season, we felt it was the perfect way (and the perfect time) to invite the audience back into the world of Mythic Quest.”

‘Everlight’ is set to air on Apple TV+ on Friday, April 16, just before the second season of Mythic Quest, which airs on Friday, May 7.

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