Anthony Hopkins Joins TikTok And Dances To Drake’s ‘Toosie Slide’


#Drake I’m late to the party… but better late than never. @oficialstallone @arnoldschnitzel #toosieslidechallenge

♬ original sound – officialanthonyhopkins

Sigh. There’s nothing more frustrating that refreshing your TikTok profile to see that your video – which took at least six hours to plan and film – has somehow gone down in views.

I literally spent a whole day reciting, word-for-word, the iconic “David’s dead!” scene from 2016’s Celebrity Big Brother for 100 views and a pity laughing emoji from a bot? Really?!

And yet over three times my age – Anthony Hopkins – has mastered the social media platform.

The five-time Academy Award nominee joked that he was “late to the party”, as he took part in Drake’s ‘Toosie Slide’ challenge nearly a month after it was released.

Yes. This does mean you get to see Dr. Hannibal Lecter put his left foot up, and then slide his right. I swear, if Anthony then becomes national press for pretending to be Angie Bowie and Tiffany Pollard, I will straight up sue.

Anthony went on to challenge Sylvester Stallone to do the same challenge, before asking for a role in one of his upcoming projects; “Hey, Mr Stallone, keep writing! Good part for me in it? Gimme a part, major!”

I can safely say that those lambs are nothing but stunned silent after watching this, Anthony, you national treasure.

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