Cruella And Joker Mash-Up Reimagines Disney Villain As Joker’s Mother

What’s the two scariest thing imaginable? What do you mean ‘sharks and tornados’? I know they’re scary, but this is The Movie Dweeb. I’m talking about movies. They’re not going to make a movie about sharks and tornados, are they? That would be ridiculous.

No. The two scariest things in movies are puppy-murdering psychopaths and, well, Joaquin Phoenix.

Which is why comedian Matthew Highton’s mash-up of the recent Cruella trailer and the audio from the Oscar-winning Joker trailer is bone-chillingly perfect.

Taking to Twitter, Matthew said “Turns out if you overlay the sound from the Joker trailer onto the Cruella one it fits so well you get a prequel film about Joker’s mother.”

This video depicts Emma Stone not as the titular villain from Cruella, but as Arthur Fleck’s mother, who – just like her son – suffered a mental breakdown due to her run-ins with the upper classes.

As long as she doesn’t come face-to-face with Batman, because she may turn him into a beret or something.

Cruella, which also stars Emma Thompson, Paul Walter Hauser and Joel Fry is set for release on 28 May, 2021.

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