David Dastmalchian Rates Dave Bautista’s Dune Performance As The Best In The Film

It’s November 20, 2020. You’ve got a nice tan from your trip to Italy, you’ve been hitting the gym every week, and – most importantly – Dune is out today.

Alas, that won’t be the case. You may not know, but there’s this thing going around called coronavirus, which means holidays are a no-go, that your gym is closed, and – most importantly – Dune has been postponed for a whole 11 months.


Okay, I can watch the Dune trailer, but it seems to be the one trailer that gets even more complicated with every time I watch it. And I understood, like, six percent of it on my first viewing.

So, the next easiest thing to do was catch up with star of the film, David Dastmalchian to feed the Dune-shaped hole in my heart.

Speaking of how certain moments blew his mind, I was intrigued to see who’s performance really stood out – and, shamelessly, see if I could get some Timothée Chalamet/Zendaya clickbait from him.

“I’ve known, because I’ve seen his work, that he’s a phenomenal performer; but there was a moment when I first started working with Dave Bautista… I’ll never forget it,” said his fellow David.

“I’ve heard, and I’ve watched him, and I know he’s super talented, but I was watching something happening, and I was like ‘This guy’s a real actor'”.

At this point, I actually get quite annoyed, because not only can Dave Bautista be praised as an exceptional actor, but he’s also a wrestler too? What can’t he do.

Save some talent for me, Dave.

(I’m going to start a smear campaign that Dave is rubbish at – I dunno – cooking, just so that people don’t think he’s perfect.)

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