Maisie Williams Plans Gossip Girl Remake With Sophie Turner

Can you believe Game of Thrones ended in 2016? (I know that it actually finally aired in 2019, but we don’t count the last two seasons, do we?)

After Maisie Williams’ stint as Rahne Sinclair in the recent The New Mutants, she becomes the third Game of Thrones actor to star in a X-Men movie, following Sophie Turner and Peter Dinklage.

Ever the entrepreneur that I am, I wanted to alter my time with Maisie; making it less of an interview into more of a formal business pitch, by suggesting that she create a Maisie-Sophie Cinematic Universe (MSCU.) I’m sure Marvel will be totally okay with that.

When asked what film or television franchise she’d like to see herself and the Dark Phoenix star get their hands on, she initally pitched for Gossip Girl – and to say I would be excited to hear Peter Dinklage sign of by saying “xoxo Gossip Girl” is a biblical understatement.

However, it wasn’t until her co-star, Alice Braga, suggested the satirical comedy-drama, Succession, that she was truly sold. (And, yes, I am already trademarking the spin-off starring the Game of Thrones cast, so don’t bother.)

While Alice was more than willing to help Maisie answer her questions, she remained very tight lipped about who she was playing in The Suicide Squad.

And before you bombard me with trolling, scathing comments on Twitter, just know that this interview took place before the DC FanDome. I know who she’s playing in The Suicide Squad now. Sheesh. And, yes, I do think she’ll make a brilliant King Shark.

Kidding. Again. Please don’t cancel me.

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