The Batman Meets Cats In Traumatising Mash-Up Trailer

Okay, breathe in. Hold it. And breathe out. And breathe in again. Hold it. And –

Oh, sorry, I didn’t see you there. You came at a rather inopportune moment, as I was trying to relieve myself having seen something related to Cats on the internet.

You see, Cats was – without a shadow of a doubt – one of the worst things to happen to my television screen since Kinga did that with a wine bottle on Big Brother. (And, yes, both Cats and that episode of Big Brother heavily featured fish.)

Nothing could possibly make Cats good; not Jason Derulo’s energetic enthusiasm, or Dame Judi Dench’s general on-screen presence; not even Robert Pattinson’s Batman.

The DC FanDome blessed my eyes with the first trailer from Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman, which saw R-Patz go full “Mom, I’m only listening to Fall Out Boy from now on. Sheesh!” levels of emo with his portrayal of Bruce Wayne.

And I am fucking stoked for more.

So, on my hourly Twitter scrolling, in search for more The Batman content, I came across something that I loved and loathed in equal measures. (Which is, ironically, what my girlfriend said to me in my last Valentine’s Day card.)

One Twitter user, by the name of Elvish Presley, smartly dubbed the The Batman trailer with Jennifer Hudson’s chilling rendition of ‘Memories’ which was also featured in the Cats trailer.

I hate to say it, but I think Cats may have finally (sort of) done something right here. While The Batman’s trailer was originally set to Nirvana’s ‘Something in the Way’, there’s something so *chef’s kiss* about watching Batman brutally pound a thug to the triumphant show-tune.

And now, all we need is for someone to beautifully edit the Tenet trailer so that its audio is replaced by Rebel Wilson shaking her chastity belt in The Hustle, so that that can be said to have redeeming features too.

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