Brie Larson Launches New YouTube Channel

YouTube isn’t just for videos of cats jumping from fence-to-fence, only to underestimate the distance and plummet to the ground. (You can sense what I’ve been watching a lot of during lockdown, can’t you?)

YouTube is also the home to many great channels, like – I don’t know – The Movie Dweeb, where you can watch interviews with the likes of Jim Carrey, Margot Robbie or, more recently, Joel McHale. (I hope the electricity’s on, because I just plugged the shit out of that.)

YouTube also features a lot more talented, more successful stars, including Brie Larson who recently started her own channel as a “way to break away from this line of thought and become more vulnerable and open about my flaws, what I am passionate about and who I actually am.”

The Captain Marvel star praised YouTube as it’s helped her learn so much, including “how to use my printer or it’s been watching how to be a considerate activist, this is the place to talk about things that are important and that matter.” (Weird that she didn’t mention cat fail videos, but whatever.)

She then spoke to a wide array of guests – including her mother, Lilly Singh and Hot Ones‘ Sean Evans – about the best way for her to become a YouTube star. (I don’t know much about YouTube, but I reckon having an Academy Award certainly helps. I think that’s how Logan Paul started out, in fact.)

After posting the 21-minute-long video, which she titled ‘So, I made a decision…’, Brie urged her fans to follow the other creators that collaborated with her on the video, and then asked for suggestions for more content she should film.

She also used her platform to promote the fight for racial injustice, both within the video, and by posting links out to various petitions, as well as Black artists and activists, including her Marvel co-star, Tessa Thompson.

When Brie isn’t winning over the internet with her own YouTube series, she’s spending time catching butterflies, crafting axes and skipping everything Tom Nook has to say in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

YouTube? Video games? She sounds just like me. If she ate four Pot Noodles today in her three-week-old pyjamas, too, then we’re practically twins.

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