The Agents Can Chill; I’ve Already Picked The Ideal Cast For HBO’s The Last of Us

Yeah, I played The Last of Us Part II. It was okay. Shot a few zombies. Punched a few people… The usual.

I also sobbed hysterically several times, and turned the volume on my television down to a firm eight whenever I was in a dark corridor out of fear that a Clicker would jump out at me wailing.

I wish I was writing that for comedic purpose – I wasn’t.

But, and I want to stress this; I have finished The Last of Us Part II. I even got a ‘good boy lollipop’ from my mother for actually going through all of it and managing to sleep without my nightlight on.

HBO has confirmed that it’s teaming up with NaughtyDog to produce a The Last of Us series, after a film-adaptation was scrapped.

What could possibly go wrong? The geniuses behind the final season of Game of Thrones will be working on this. I. Cannot. Wait.

Many fans are questioning who will play Joel and Ellie in the series, and if you’re like them, and you’re looking for answers, you’ve certainly come to the wrong place.

But if you’re looking for someone who is hugely under-qualified in the realm of film and television casting the entire series, then you’re in for a treat.


In the most blunt way possible, Joel’s life is fucked. His daughter was shot, as he held her in his arms; he then forged a relationship with another girl, only for her to lose all trust in him. And, well, it only gets worse from there.

The actor taking on the role of Joel would need to be able to harness that dark, closed-off energy, whilst showing off the softer side. This is where Hugh Jackman comes in to play. Not only is the dude totally ripped, and I could 100% imagine him stomping on a Bloater’s head, but he showed that range in Logan. In fact, Wolverine’s story was quite comparable to Joel’s; as both characters age, they befriend a young girl, who helps them survive and thrive in an inhospitable environment. (And, if there’s another chance to hear Hugh sing, I’m also okay with that.)

Troy Baker, the voice of Joel in the video game series, threw Josh Brolin’s name in the ring. Josh is a master of dark and brooding, as is evident in Deadpool 2, Oldboy and True Grit. I just don’t imagine Josh appearing in something so successful – has he really been in any films recently that have done well?

Another possibility would be The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The dude knows about how to fight off zombies. Whilst Jeffrey has a tendency to take on more villainous roles, let’s just say Joel doesn’t really have a heart of gold. Y’know, the man did subject the entire human race to a lifetime of the undead, so… (And don’t cry about spoilers. The original The Last of Us came out seven years ago.)


When we first meet Ellie, she is seemingly your average, typical teenager… If she were born and raised in an apocalyptic world, that is. Luckily for my first choice, Kaitlyn Dever, she is an average, typical human. Not only has she, coincidentally, played Hugh’s daughter previously in The Front Runner, but she’s already in with NaughtyDog after her role as Cassie Drake in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Kaitlyn has shown her range of emotions and talents in the likes of Booksmart, Short Term 12 and Unbelievable.

You couldn’t possibly make this list without considering Ellen Page for the role of Ellie, after NaughtyDog was accused of stealing Ellen likeness for Ellie. Even their names are similar. You wouldn’t believe how sodding hard it is to type their names repeatedly in the same sentence. Of course, Ellen is 33-years-old, and it would be hard for her to pass for a youthful 14. Unless Joel is, like, 82? Maybe Ian McKellen could play her father figure?!

If you’re looking for an actor who has experience in playing young girls with troubled lives, look no further than Millie Bobby Brown – she’s fought of Demogorgons and Godzilla within the same year. Why not add Runners and Shamblers to the mix?

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