Ryan Reynolds Responds To Lack Of Love On Social Media

Ryan Reynolds is one of the reigning kings of social media. All you’ve got to do is click on THIS HANDY LINK to learn that.

Yes, that was a shameless plug at yet another one of my articles, in an attempt to boost my click-through rates. So sue me.

Don’t. I’m very poor. You didn’t think this blog actually paid well, did you?

And yet, when an unlikely source, AdWeek, asked its 632.6k Twitter followers to share their love for Ryan Reynolds, the social platform remained silent.

Surely people hadn’t gone off of him; everyone knows that #InsertNameHereIsOverParty has to be trending for that to happen. Especially if the trend is filled with K-pop GIFs, instead of the actual reason said celebrity is cancelled.

Instead, AdWeek used Twitter’s new function, which only allows certain users to reply to specific posts – in this case, only Ryan Reynolds could reply.

Imagine getting mugged off by an advertising trade publication. That’s got to be a new low.

Just under two hours later, the Deadpool star responded with “I see what you’ve done here.”

Unless AdWeek didn’t use Twitter’s new functionality and instead no-one loves Ryan Reynolds? Well, this is awkward, isn’t it?

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