26 Tweets That Will Make You Disown Your Father And Adopt Ryan Reynolds As Your Own

Bloody ‘ell. Imagine being either Ines or James Reynolds. Your father is a Hollywood icon, who stars in the likes of Deadpool, Mississippi Grind and Buried. And while your father did also star in R.I.P.D., at least he didn’t eat a pack of Mentos and down a bottle of Coca-Cola to see if he could start a volcano from his mouth…

Like. My. Father. Did.


Ryan has acquired 7.91 million followers on Twitter since he joined in late-November, and he uses it for all of the usual Hollywood malarkey; like promoting his movies, chatting with other A-listers, and – most importantly – brutally rinsing his newly born children.

Sure, his daughters may grow up with horrific mental scarring and daddy-issues, but it’s funny as hell for me, and it distracts from the fact that the most powerful man on the planet uses the term “covfefe”.

Ryan uses the millions of dollars he’s earned to treat his children to cute outfits…



And body ink.

But he’s not giving it to her; he’s raising her to work for what she wants…

They even celebrate special occasions together, like Father’s Day…


And her father’s funeral.

Luckily, Ryan Reynolds is worth about $65 million, because he’s really got a lot of therapy to pay for.

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