Robin Williams’ Estate Launches Official YouTube Channel

I’ve been locked away, inside my one-bedroom flat for nearly three weeks now. And it sucks. I’ve run the vacuum around the flat for fun. I actually wrote in my diary “Vacuumed for fun”. That’s what my life’s come to.

But – much to the dismay of my girlfriend – I shan’t be doing any more cleaning, in an attempt to console myself, during this period of self-isolation, as the estate of Robin Williams have launched an official YouTube channel, featuring classic clips from the world’s greatest comedian.

And, if my girlfriend is reading this, she can’t be mad with me, as I am still in mourning, and I see this as part of the grieving process.

Celebrating the life and comic-genius of Robin, the channel – which is aptly named Robin Williams Official YouTube Channel – has already posted a few videos, including an interview with stand-up comedian, Lewis Black, who starred alongside Williams in Man of the Year.

No. I haven’t seen it either.

David Steinberg, Robin’s longtime manager makes an appearance, and there are also two iconic snippets of Robin Williams’ manic, eccentric stand-up comedy sets, including one of his most prolific pieces on the invention of golf.

Every week, following the launch of the channel, Time Life will post a new clip of Robin.

It’s just a relief to see that my interview with Jim Carrey is on more views that stellar stand-up routines by Robin Williams.

Admittedly, Robin Williams’ channel has only just launched, and not a lot of people are aware of it, but… SHUT UP. LET ME HAVE MY MOMENT. PLEASE.

Great. And now I’m being called to go wash the dishes. Thanks a lot.

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