14 Of The Last Jedi Cameos That I’m 99.998% Sure You Missed…

When I heard the announcement of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, a bit off wee came out. Heck, a lot of wee came out. I was like a Super Soaker by the end of the first trailer.

So, similarly, I can imagine that huge stars get just as giddy at the next piece in the franchise, let alone how bat shit crazy they’d go if they even got to appear in the picture, albeit briefly.

While you were busy looking at all of the pew-pews and Porgs, I spent the time looking at the extras at the back of the scenes, to spot any A-list cameos. And believe me, there was a lot.

(Admittedly, there were also a lot of just gonky extras. I’m pretty sure I spotted the bloke who sold me a Greggs chicken bake, but that doesn’t make for such a good article, does it?)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Slowen Lo


Way back in September, it was announced that the (500) Days of Summer star was going to make a subtle appearance in The Last Jedi. But that was it. That was all the information we were going to get. It’s not like Star Wars to keep details to themselves though, is it?

Having previously worked with JGL (which does wonders to my fingers, rather than typing his whole name) on Looper, director Rian Johnson cast the actor as Slowen Lo, a sarky alien on the planet Canto Bight, who can be seen complaining about Finn and Rose parking on the beach.

All those years studying musical theatre really paid off, Joseph.

Noah Segan, a fellow co-star of Joseph’s in Looper also makes an appearance as an X-Wing pilot.

Justin Theroux as the Master Codebreaker


Alright, chill your beans. I know this one isn’t necessarily a cameo – which already bodes well, seeing as I’m on my second point, but…

Justin plays the actual Master Codebreaker, before being replaced by Benecio Del Toro’s DJ. The actor appears only briefly during quick shots, so you’ll excuse me for thinking it was 110% Jean Dujardin. I’m still not convinced Google’s right, to be fair.

And it’s also come to light that the Master Codebreaker had a fling with Maz Kanata, the specky, orange alien from The Force Awakens. You’ll also excuse me for trying to work out how that happened, biologically. Illustrations to follow.

Carrie Fisher’s Dog, Gary, as… Erm, Space Gary


If you’re not crying at all of the viral videos of Gary pawing at the screen every time Carrie Fisher pops up on screen, I want you to stop reading this, put down your phone, and go and punch yourself in the back of the head eight times over.

I don’t know how you’ll do it. Just do it.

Gary is plastered in prosthetics and transformed into a little space mutt belonging to one of the wealthy creatures on Canto Bight. Great. Now I’m crying again. For something totally unrelated to Gary and Carrie Fisher. 100%.

Prince William, Prince Harry, Tom Hardy and Gary Barlow as Stormtroopers


Two of them are the most iconic members of the royal family. One of them is a hugely talented, diverse actor. The other is the frontman for one of the best-selling bands of all-time.

So when you’ve got four famous faces as these in your movie, it makes perfect sense to put them in a mask and make them look identical to the other 9,394 characters in your film, right? RIGHT?

When I say “cameos I’m sure you missed”, I’ll let you off for not catching these four. Unless you have X-ray vision. In which case, if you do I can only imagine reading this is quite a chore. You’d just be reading through the screen, surely.

Warwick Davis as Wodibin


Do you know Wodibin? I don’t know if he’d bin, but I heard he’s quite into recycling. Good. I’m glad I got that out of the way.

Warwick hasn’t said ‘no’ to a Star Wars event since he appeared in Return of the Jedi back in 1983.

The Harry Potter star plays another resident of Canto Bight; one third of The Winning Three, a reptilian looking creature in a dark suit. Or, as I like to refer to him; Nigel Farage. ZING.

Lily Cole as Lovey


The model-slash-actress plays Lovey, a name of which I’m sure was inspired by this one prick I met in Drama School. What a proper – can’t blame you really for missing Lily in The Last Jedi, however.

It’s said that she is the Master Codebreaker’s companion, who studies him closely in order to take over his role one day. Not only will she need to acquire all of his skills, but she’s gonna need to pull off one hell of a ‘tache.

Edgar Wright as a Crait Resistance Fighter


There’s few things I don’t want to do with my brother. On that list is playing Tinder, and pooping. Otherwise, I’m cool to chill with my bro.

The same goes for Baby Driver director Edgar Wright, who stars alongside his sibling, Oscar, as Resistance fighters. It will take at least 73 viewings to spot Edgar’s infamous floppy hair in the hazy background… Or, y’know, you could just head to his Twitter for an actual photo of it.

Gareth Edwards as Resistance Trench Soldier


In 2016, Rogue One’s director Gareth Edwards gave Rian Johnson a cameo role in his Star Wars movie as an Imperial Technician.

One year later, Rian returned the favour, and cast Gareth as a Resistance trench soldier, who looks on at his buddy who likes Crait’s ground and calls it “salty”.

See, I need mates like these two; mates who return the favour. I lent a co-worker a pen the other day, and all I got in return was them not taking my lunch from the fridge for a whole day. Sigh.

Ade Edmondson as First Order Captain Peavey

The Last Jedi is a movie that will, undoubtedly, do well during awards season, for it’s score to it’s cinematic beauty. So, if you want to win big at the Academy Awards, you hire Ade Edmondson.

Yeah, the bloke from Bottom. It’s only logical.

We’re just thankful for this, Rian Johnson. You beautiful man, you.

Ellie Goulding and James Corden as… Someone


And now, in sentences I never thought I’d say, the girl who sang Starry Eyed and the chubby one from Gavin & Stacey have both been rumoured to play roles in The Last Jedi.

I can, as a professional within the industry, disclose that neither of them play John Boyega’s Finn. There; now you can do the rest of the work.

If you ever needed an excuse to go and watch The Last Jedi over again, this is it. Go tell your manager you’re not coming in tomorrow. Do it. Go. Now.


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