PETA Wants Toy Story 4 To Ditch Bo Peep’s Signature Crook

Bo Peep was recently announced to be returning for the fourth episode in the Toy Story franchise. And, Jesus Christ, did she look like she could kick your ass and then make you a nice wolly jumper to comfort you, as you rest of your wounds in hospital.

Her reveal showed her bursting through the set, nearly knocking over Woody and Buzz and just doing some mad Cirque Du Soleil shit on her cane. Seriously. Look.

If Bo Peep doesn’t team up alongside Ronin and Ant-Man to smash Thanos in Endgame, the Avengers are missing a trick.

However, as Spider-Man once told me (well, not me specifically, but you get the idea…) with great power comes great responsibility, and now that Bo has ditched her bonnet and become the plastic equivalent of Furiosa, PETA have petitioned for Peep to lose her signature crook.

The animal rights organisation sent a request to Pixar, hoping that her tool – which is used to gather sheep – would be removed from the final edit. Writing to director Josh Cooley, PETA said “We’re working hard to change the way in which people regard and treat animals, including sheep.

“Surely you can agree that a symbol of domination over any animal is a thing of the past and not something that belongs in Toy Story 4.Won’t you please consider removing Bo Peep’s crook from the final animation?”

With Toy Story 4 set for release in June later this year, it seems unlikely that Disney will be able to remove Bo’s crook from the film. Fortunately for Bo Peep’s sheep, however, they’re in no real danger, as… They’re entirely fictional. So there’s that, I suppose.

Fans were disappointed to see that lack of Bo Peep – voiced by Annie Potts – in Toy Story 3, as she was thought to be binned by Andy’s sister, Molly. However, Bo makes a return and will soon woo Woody once more. (I can’t blame her – I’d get with a plastic cowboy if it had anything to do with Tom Hanks too.)

Wow. That got real weird, real quick.

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