Fan Creates Emotional Endgame Poster Using The Only Surviving Avengers

It’s been nearly ten months since I dehydrated watching Spider-Man grasp hold of Tony Stark, whimpering, as Thanos wiped him out with a mere click of his fingers.

And ever since, I’ve been spending every waking hour on Photoshop, attempting to create that dust meme. I can’t do it, but I will join in with your internet hooliganism one day, kids.

> Find Out If You’d Survive Thanos’ Snap Now

Well, prepare to be hit in the feels. But not just a little tap. But, like, a full-on Tom Holland-shaped steam train right through your heart, as digital artist, Yadvender Singh Rana, has taken inspiration from the Avengers: Infinity War poster, and created one for Endgame, using the few superheroes that weren’t burst into a puff of dust. RIP, sweet teenage Groot. <3

Yadvender has replaced those who are gone with newly confirmed characters, such as Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel, Ant-Man and Valkyrie, while the likes of Hulk and Thor remain in their original places. Feel good about yourself now, Josh Brolin? D’ya? HUH? DO YOU?!

(Sorry. I need to breathe. You don’t know how many times I pop into a HMV and just snap copies of Infinity War so no-one else has to go through the suffering I went through.)

While new Avengers are being added to the roster, Endgame still has the smallest cast, due to – y’know, tonnes of the Avengers being a pile of dust. That wouldn’t make a good film, and if it did, you could film a Hollywood blockbuster in my bedroom. (Yes, Mum, I will dust my room soon. Sheesh.)

Avengers: Endgame, which is thought to be the final chapter for most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s characters, is due for release 26 April 2019.

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