Justin Bieber Proves He’s So Modest And Down-To-Earth With Latest Tweet

Remember that slight, brief, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment when Justin Bieber was likeable? I’m not ashamed to say I downloaded ‘Sorry’ onto my phone…

Okay, okay – I bought the whole ‘Purpose’ album. Satisfied?

Fine. For f- I have a tattoo of Justin Bieber right where my heart is. You pleased you got that out of me. Are you? Huh?!

Jan-08-2017 10-29-24.gif

Well, it turns out that Biebs is well out of that phase. Meanwhile, in other surprising news, pigs still cannot fly and water is wet.

The Canadian ‘What Do You Mean?’ singer wrote on Twitter “Watched never say never on Netflix. Great movie”.

No, that isn’t him acknowledging¬†Sean Connery’s James Bond action-thriller Never Say Never Again. That is Justin Bieber praising Justin Bieber’s 2011¬†documentary, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, based on Justin Bieber’s concert tour.

But then again, when Hunt for the Wilderpeople has just been added to Netflix, why would you want to watch a critically acclaimed movie, when you can watch a flick that boasts Sean Kingston and Jaden Smith as cast members?

Is – is boasts the right word?

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