Zach Braff Had The GREATEST Reaction To My Chicken Little T-Shirt

Zach Braff has had many incredible roles in the past; he became a household name thanks to the medical sitcom, Scrubs; he’s written three feature films; and Zach is even part of the Star Wars universe.

Albeit, he’s not a cool, sexy Jedi, but instead a weird, slimy mole looking man. BUT WHO CARES? He’s mates with Obi-Wan Kenobi. That’s way more than I could ever wish for.

Whilst I sat down with Zach to discuss his latest film, A Good Person, which he both wrote and directed, I wanted to see which moment in his career he’d deem as his legacy.

Did I bring up the time he was nominated for an Emmy Award? Naturally, no. Instead, I asked Zach Braff to pick from fainting opposite Brendan Fraser, getting his breast signed by Ed Sheeran or starring as ACTUAL. FREAKIN’. CHICKEN. LITTLE.

“I think being Chicken Little is the greatest honour of my life,” said the director, before I revealed my Chicken Little t-shirt. (Wasn’t it a relief that I didn’t spend £20 on the Brendan Fraser shirt now?)

“I want you to rock [the t-shirt] and advertise the movie all around the world,” demanded Zach. I’m no lawyer, but I’m pretty sure I’m now in a legally bound contract.

Zach then continued to look straight down the camera to call out Disney – which, again, I’m no lawyer, but I don’t agree with him, so please don’t sue me, Mickey. He argued that there wasn’t enough Chicken Little merchandise.

Am – am I now the face of the Walt Disney company?

He also went on to praise the star of A Good Person, Florence Pugh, saying that there was nothing she couldn’t do, and celebrating her cooking skills.

All I wanted was one thing over Florence; just one thing. Is that too much to ask? That I could be better at her than anything?

Although, that’s given me an idea… I am REALLY good at complaining that I’m not as great as Florence Pugh. I bet she could never complain about that as well as I do!

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