Gabriel LaBelle Perfects His Jennifer Coolidge Impression After Meeting Her

Everyone has a Jennifer Coolidge impression. Some are better than others. Ariana Grande’s is flawless. Mine is dire. Jinkx Monsoon’s is spot-on. Mine is dire.

Basically, everyone is more talented than me.

Including Gabriel LaBelle, who not only portrayed a flawless version of a young Steven Spielberg in The Fabelmans, but he can also – you guessed it – do an impression of Jennifer Coolidge.

Why must I be such a failure at life?

Just days before the Oscars nominations were announced, I asked Gabriel which celebrity left him the most starstruck to meet, after he’s been spotted alongside Jenna Ortega, Andrew Garfield, Michelle Yeoh and more at various awards ceremonies. (Yes. I’m living vicariously through Gabriel. So what?)

Gabriel spoke about the time he was left in awe of Jennifer, saying, “It was at the Golden Globes.

“I see her sitting down. We’re all waiting for cars to pick us up. [Jennifer’s] around the corner, kind of by herself. She found a quiet chair,” continued the The Fabelmans star.

“I asked her for a selfie – which I don’t normally do – but I had to send it to my friends that I watch The White Lotus with. She’s just the coolest.”

Naturally, I was very jealous of his photo with Jennifer Coolidge. Sure, I’ve spent a solid four and a half days Photoshopping myself into photos with her, but it’s not quite the same, is it?

But what I was even more jealous of was Gabriel’s impression of the Golden Globe winner. Now that he’s effortlessly portrayed Steven Spielberg, I suggested he could play Jennifer in a biopic of her life.

“I could do the Tanya McQuoid origin story next,” suggested Gabriel. If you’re reading this, Jennifer – which I’m assuming you are, given how many times I’ve presumably sent it to you on Twitter – are you up for producing this, and winning another Golden Globe?

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