Chris Pratt Wants To Get “Kicked In The Face” By Harry Styles’ Eros

As an avid-fan of cinema and an entertainment reporter, I scour the internet and wade through the depths of Twitter to find the most niche and exciting questions to ask my interviewees.

And once I’ve given up on that, I use Harry Styles for clickbait.

Naturally, that’s exactly what I did when I saw Jurassic World Dominion’s Chris Pratt singing along to Harry’s ‘As It Was’ on his Instagram Story. There was an ex-baker shaped hole in my heart being filled at the prospect of the clicks I would receive.

In a desperate means to get Harry’s fandom to embrace me with open arms, I suggested that Chris’ Star-Lord could go toe-to-toe against Harry, now that he’s part of the MCU as Eros.

“I would love that,” said Chris. “I don’t even have to win the fight.

“Just to be in the fight; it would be an honour. Just to get kicked or punched in the face by Harry Styles. I mean, me and every guy and girl in the world feels the same way.”

Naturally, Chris’ co-star, Bryce Dallas Howard also referred to it as a ‘privilege’. So here we are, three Harry Styles fans, just dreaming of being beaten up by him. Sigh.

Chris continued to fangirl over the ‘Sign of the Times’ singer, by saying, “I love Harry Styles. I’m actually low-key obsessed with Harry Styles. He’s so talented. Big fan right here.”

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