Chris Parnell Discusses Rick and Morty’s Sixth Season & Possibility Of A Movie

I’d say I have a pretty iconic voice. In the sense that it’s recognisable, because it’s nasal and drones on and on and on. Iconic, right?

Chris Parnell, on the other hand, has a recognisable voice because you’ve heard it in pretty much every film and television series ever made. Not only has he starred as Dr Leo Spaceman in 30 Rock, and appeared as a cast member on Saturday Night Live for over eight years, but he’s also voiced characters on Archer and Rick and Morty.

But – but our voices are just as iconic as each other’s. That’s what I’m trying to say.

In Rick and Morty, Chris plays Jerry Smith, the neurotic, insecure father to Morty and Summer, and – without blowing too much smoke up Chris’ bum – I love Jerry. Mainly because he makes me feel cooler about myself.

Which is why, when I spoke to Chris, I wanted to see how much more Jerry I’d have in my life, possibly via a full-length feature film, in a similar vein to The Simpsons Movie or The Bob’s Burgers Movie, both having been adapted from popular animated series.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if there hasn’t been [conversations about a Rick and Morty movie]. I’ve never been privy to any of those conversations. They’ve made the video games, comic books and all this other stuff, but in terms of a movie, I haven’t heard talk of that.”

Chris continued to chat about the highly anticipated sixth season, and spoke about an upcoming episode – which he may or may not have titled incorrectly – Night People, which Chris teased as “especially different” to the rest of the series, and suggested it may even be scary.

Which is great for me, as an official wuss. I can’t wait to sob out of fear to a cartoon.

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