Yeardley Smith Updates On The Simpsons Movie 2 And Hit & Run Sequel

For about the first 27 years of my life – which isn’t saying much; I’m only 28 – I would spend every dying second flirting with girls, drinking beer through my nose and playing in the World Cup watching The Simpsons.

I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t heckle someone by shouting “Boo-urns”

Which is why I can now sit back with pride as I tick off ‘Befriend Lisa Simpson’ from my bucket list, thanks to the endearing (and sweary as tits) Yeardley Smith.

Seriously, there’s something so disturbing about hearing Lisa Simpson tell you to fuck off.

Yeardley – who has voiced Lisa Simpson since 1987 in The Tracy Ullman Show – helped reduce my never ending anxious feelings towards a The Simpsons Movie sequel, when she said it will, one day, definitely happen.

“I have no idea when,” said Yeardley. “I will say one of the issues is it’s such a labour intensive show behind the scenes – certainly not for the actors, but for the writers and animators – that to siphon off any group of actors to basically engage in another full-time job, to write and animate a full-length film is untenable at the moment.

“But that’s just today. I do really believe that there will be a number two.”

Yeardley then pitched the idea of a Christmas storyline for the sequel, suggesting that it would have “annual relevance for the rest of time.”

She has a point – I never particularly want to watch The Grinch, but I almost feel contractually obliged in doing so just because it’s, like, December 12th.

Of course, when I wasn’t watching The Simpsons, I was flirting with girls, drinking beer through my nose and playing in the World Cup playing The Simpsons: Hit & Run.

I asked Yeardley about the likelihood of us ever getting a remastered version of the game, as I honestly feel that game could singlehandedly make us forget about all of the horrors the world has faced these past couple of years.

She then replied saying that she’d be willing to ask Matt Groening and the team, because I’m – and I quote – “fabulous”.

I know I didn’t need to include that quote, but wouldn’t you if Lisa called you fabulous?

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