Oscar Isaac Reacts To Pedro Pascal Slumber Party Fanfic

Some random person from the interview, who I’ve never met and probably never will meet, commented on a video of mine saying I look a small bit like Oscar Isaac.

Oh, you don’t believe me? You think my egomania has reach dizzying heights and I made that up? Exhibit A, bitches…

Ever since, I have not let that down. My head’s so big, I’ve had to expand the doorways in my flat. But I can afford to do that, because my identical twin was in Dune. He’s minted, and therefore I am. That’s how it works.

Plus, that sort of means if Pedro Pascal was in a dimly lit room, waiting for his best friend, Oscar Isaac, I could probably pass for him, and Pedro and I would watch the entire first season of The Mandalorian over pizza.

I worry myself sometimes.

For a long time, the world has been in a frenzy over Oscar Isaac’s blooming bromance with Pedro Pascal, and when I got the chance to speak to Oscar and Ethan Hawke about Disney+’s Moon Knight, I had to ask whether the two had plans to wear their respective outfits and throw a cocktail party.

After Oscar questioned if I had spent many a night writing fanfiction (of which I obviously have), Ethan suggested the two could maybe have a pillow fight, and then Oscar stated that they’d be wearing nothing but their helmets; him in his Moon Knight mask, and Pedro donning his Din Djarin helmet.

Before I passed out at the mere thought, I did manage to persuade Ethan to join me for a slumber party, as I could tell he was feeling a little left out.

I am a professional journalist. I promise.

Before I got all hot and bothered by the mere thought of Oscar and Pedro, two of the world’s sexiest actors together, I did manage to speak to them about Moon Knight.

Oscar spoke about how he mastered his British accent – which is annoyingly better than mine, and I am British. He mentioned how he’s spent most of his time filming in the UK for a series of projects, including Star Wars.

I also asked Ethan Hawke how he repaid Oscar, after he landed the role of Arthur Harrow when he bumped into Oscar in a coffee shop.

Of course, after I mentioned Oscar wearing nothing but his Moon Knight mask, this text is all just blurry images to you now, isn’t it?

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