Kevin Conroy Re-Dubs Robert Pattinson’s The Batman

I like The Batman. In other news, water is wet and cows go ‘moo’. This are all glaringly obvious facts.

You just have to read my five-star-review (give me more clicks) to know that I would drop my girlfriend in a heartbeat just to elope with that movie, and have two – maybe three – human-movie hybrid children together.

So, when I spoke to Kevin Conroy, a man who has played the Caped Crusader more times than I’ve had hot dinners*, you best believe I got his thoughts on Robert Pattinson’s outing as Batman.

*FYI, Kevin has played Batman in 47 projects so far. Clearly, my hot dinners statement was an exaggerated means of getting a cheap laugh. In reality, I’ve had, like, at least 112 hot dinners, so…

While, at the time of recording, Kevin hadn’t seen Matt Reeves’ The Batman, he was more than willing to re-dub a line from the film, using his iteration of Batman, which he made famous in Batman: The Animated Series.

I suggested he recite the line from the trailer, “Fear is a tool. And when that light hits the sky, it’s not just a call. It’s a warning,” to which he happily agreed to do. (Yes, I appreciate this probably the peak of my unprofessionalism, but that’s not saying much, because when have I ever been professional?)

Kevin did mention that he was very excited to see Robert take on the role, assuming he’d bring something different to the table, before we spoke about our favourite portrayals of Batman.

He mentioned Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck. “I think they’ve both done really wonderful jobs.

“Some people get one half of the character better than others. Christian Bale was a fantastic Bruce Wayne, but his Batman got kind of strange,” continued Kevin, before repeating his praise for Affleck and Keaton.

I mean, I don’t mean to brag, but did I just direct one of the most praised and admired Batman actors to recite a line from one of the most lauded Batman movies of our generation? Your move, Spielberg. I’m coming for your job.

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