Flula Borg Shares Wild Memory From Pitch Perfect Involving Nipples And Humidity

I have seen Flula Borg play a tiny, green floating alien, a cyborg superhero, a javelin wielding former-Olympian and whatever the hell Comfortable Doug is. See below.

So when it was confirmed that Flula was set to reprise his role of Pieter Kramer in the upcoming Pitch Perfect series, I was kind of relieved to see him play, y’know, something normal. Just a bloke who sings songs. (And when I use the term ‘normal’, I use that rather fast and loosely.)

Recently, I spoke to Flula about his time on Pitch Perfect 2, and wanted to know about his fondest memory from his time on set. Naturally, Flula gave me a totally chill and mundane wild answer.

Did he say he loved cracking up to comedian Rebel Wilson’s frequent tomfoolery on set? Did Flula mention that his favourite time was performing pop songs for Academy Award nominee, Anna Kendrick?

No. No he didn’t.

“I very much loved the mesh that we were getting to wear,” said Flula. His favourite memory from Pitch Perfect 2 was his mesh shirt. Open the door and let that sink in.

“Because we were shooting many things in Louisiana, in the summertime – which is very humid, very hot, and very incompatible to my German body – so any moment where I can have air near my nipples and pits is a dream.”

And you thought being a Hollywood actor was all glitz and glam? That’s what you get here at The Movie Dweeb. YOU GET THE REAL SHIT. We don’t sugar-coat it here. No way.

I can only assume that if I were to ask Daniel Day Lewis about his time on My Left Foot, he too would have mentioned his nipples.

In the upcoming Pitch Perfect series, Flula’s PiĆ«ter has reportedly become a music manager, who signs Bumper Allen (played by Pitch Perfect alum, Adam Devine). While we don’t have much more information than that, we do know one thing…

Flula and Adam will probably both have very cool nipples.

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