Lord of the Rings Fan Turns The Entire Movie Into A Three-Hour-Long Guitar Solo

I hope you found your lockdown very productive, because I’m about to put you to shame. (And by ‘I’, I mean some random bloke I found on the internet.)

Did you learn a new language? Master crocheting? Build a hospital for orphans?

Oh. None of the above? Well, that’s a shame, because Bradley Hall recorded the entire three hours and 20 minutes of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring as a heavy metal song.

There’s something so beautiful about Merry and Pippin asking about a second breakfast, whilst watching a guitar being shredded. (Is “shredding” a thing? I don’t really know heavy metal. After all, Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ was my ringtone for about two years.)

According to Bradley, his soundtrack syncs perfectly to the extended Blu-ray edition, so if you have a spare six hours and 40 minutes, you can watch both the original and this back-to-back?

From the tempo-mapping to editing, it took Bradley three months and ten days to complete this, which explains why he was adamant he won’t be doing the two remaining Lord of the Rings movies, but he has said he may do another movie from a different franchise in the future.

Which is a relief, because he also apparently wore the same shirt, unwashed for the entirety of the filming of this video. One does not simply create a viral video without wearing smelly laundry.

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