What Is The Weird Connection Between Moon Knight And Spider-Man?

Undoubtedly, if you go on Google, you could find some sordid, erotic fanfic involving Tom Holland and Oscar Isaac. I believe it was the main reason Google was invented.

Hell, if you went on Google and searched “what time does my local florist open?”, you’ll probably end up at Tom-Oscar fanfic.

Just when you thought it was safe – you came on to The Movie Dweeb – and yet you still came across some sexually-charged theory between the two actors.

(I probably shouldn’t have used the term “came across”, should I?)

Following the dark, gritty mind-trip that was the Moon Knight trailer release, fans have come up with the incredible theory that Oscar Isaac’s titular character is… Snogging Spider-Man. Naturally.

This isn’t like No Way Home, where surprisingly* Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire appeared, shocking fans worldwide.

*We’re all in agreement that no-one was surprised or shocked by their appearance, right?

Instead, in the trailer, Oscar’s Marc/Steven can be seen falling in a very similar vein to Kirsten Dunst, Emma Stone and Zendaya in their respective Spider-Man movies, leaving fans coming to the conclusion that Moon Knight is officially one of Spider-Man’s girlfriends.

Anything can happen in the Multi-Verse. Just imagine Jake Johnson’s Peter Parker with Oscar Isaac. Call me a cargo company, because I ship it.

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