James Gunn Considers A Western Movie Starring Entire The Suicide Squad Cast

This year, I vowed to bring my followers the most entertaining, funniest, and – most importantly – most up-to-date movie news I possibly could.

It’s 12 days into the new year, and I’ve already failed you by delivering news on an interview I conducted almost half a year ago.

But, it’s about James Gunn, and with the release of Peacemaker, it’s relevant again, okay? So if you don’t like it, you can write for The Movie Dweeb. Seriously. Please do. It’ll save me loads of time to do the other important things in my life, like, erm… I AM BUSY, OKAY?!

Last year, I spoke to the cast of The Suicide Squad – one the greatest superhero movies ever made. Some of you may have seen the full interview, which features Idris Elba, Margot Robbie, and an increasingly sweaty, hungover me; if so, please, just pretend you didn’t and continue reading this.

I also spoke to James Gunn, director of the film and the recent Peacemaker, after he suggested making a Western starring the entire The Suicide Squad cast, so I decided to put in all of my money (which, as an internet blogger, isn’t a lot) to fund the project.

“I don’t have the plot; I’d have to think of it,” said the Guardians of the Galaxy director. “It would certainly be a bunch of scoundrels in the old west killing each other. It would have to be because you can’t have that big of a cast last throughout the whole movie.

“[Michael] Rooker’s actually pretty good at riding a horse and shooting; he actually does contests, so he’d have to have a pretty big role.”

Annoyingly, it sounded like a pretty good movie pitch so – yeah – I’m broke. James Gunn took me for every penny I own. If I don’t at least get a credit on this, I will sue him. Now who wants to be my lawyer for free?

Gunn also recently teamed up with Chukwudi Iwuji who plays original character, Clemson Murn, in the series Peacemaker. I had the pleasure of speaking to Chukwudi about collaborating with James on both this project and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

“[James Gunn] is one of the most subversive, original, driven and talented directors out there,” said Chukwudi.

“Nothing is as it should be with James, and it’s not coming out of a place of just trying to be different. He’s driven by heart.

“He’s a real humanist, and the skill set to be able to take such an extreme genre – to use those genres that aren’t often associated with character development and put a lot of character development into it, is his superpower.”

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