The Funniest Memes Of Zendaya’s Transition From MJ to Rue

The devil works hard, but Zendaya works harder. Last year, Zendaya starred in Malcolm & Marie, Dune, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Space Jam: A New Legacy, but – for Z’s benefit – we’ll just scrap that last one, shall we?

You’d have thought, after that triumphant year, Zendaya would like to start 2022 off easy; by resting on her infinite piles of cash, cuddling her superhero boyfriend, as she – I dunno – farts gold. That’s probably something she could do, seeing how flawless she is.

Meanwhile, I haven’t washed all day today, and had a Pot Noodle for every meal so far. We’re all in agreement as to why Zendaya is a successful actress, and I’m not, right?

Recently, the second series of Euphoria aired, which sees Zendaya portray Rue Bennett, a teenager who struggles with her drug addictions as well as her relationships.

Needless to say, this is quite disimilar to her stint as MJ in Spider-Man: No Way Home, where he biggest concerns were Rhys Ifans’ giant lizard man.


I’m all for stealing jokes – hell, there’s probably four in this one post alone that I’ve stolen from other movie journalists – but Twitter kept repeating the same gag over-and-over, after the first episode of Euphoria aired this year, comparing Zendaya’s contrasting roles, and… I loved it.

I could share a 50,000 word essay – most of which will probably contain some form of fart joke – or I could show you some of these excellent memes, so… I think you know what I’m going to do, don’t you?

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