Did Barry Keoghan’s Brother Confirm He’s Playing Joker In The Batman?

Picture this – I’m a huge Hollywood star who has recently appeared in a superhero movie opposite Angelina Jolie and Gemma Chan.

If I was, I wouldn’t need to be reporting on Barry Keoghan right now – I’d probably be tanning in my pool in LA – but that’s besides the point.

If I was said Hollywood star, I know for a fact that my brother would be doing his best to make my life a misery, and really make my PR team earn their paycheques.

Which is why, when Barry’s brother, Eric, seemingly confirmed that Barry was set to play Joker in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, that’s all that could go through my mind – is Eric just trolling Barry?

Eric then went on a spree, liking any and every comment that congratulated Barry on the role. Seriously, this is something my brother would do just to wind me up.

Like, my brother would definitely sell fake stories about me to the Daily Mail, when I’m famous. (And just in case I do become famous, that story about me peeing my pants until I was 14 is fake. DEFINITELY FAKE, OKAY? Don’t even bother reading those articles…)

It is known that Barry’s character is Stanley Merkel, James Gordon’s original partner, who later becomes a victim to the Hangman (aka Sofia Faclone).

However, fans think there’s more to this, and that Matt will be including a twist, seeing Barry portray the clown prince of crime, after Reeves said he’d be interested in introducing his version of the Joker in latter sequels, meaning he’ll probably be referenced in the original The Batman.

(Side note: Seriously, if you see an article about me weeing my pants, IGNORE IT.)

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