Ted Lasso Becomes The Batman In Trailer Mash-Up

You’ve heard of Ted Lasso, haven’t you? If you haven’t, you’ve clearly been living under a rock.

And you’ve heard of Batman, right? If you haven’t, well, how have you survived this long without seriously hurting yourself? It’s the frickin’ Batman. You must have heard of him. He’s up there with, like, POTUS and Jesus.

So, naturally, when Jason Gallagher shared a mash-up of the two, on Twitter, everyone lost their shit. Literally. At one point, I got scared shitless by Jason Sudeikis’ titular character. (TMI? Possibly. But if you don’t come here for the poop jokes, why do you come here?)

The trailer crossover sees the happy-go-lucky Ted, who’s known for his unbeaten optimism, become vengeance, as he takes on the role of Batman. And, seriously, Paul Dano’s Riddler hasn’t got a thing on Nick Mohammed’s Nate.

Both The Batman and the third season of Ted Lasso are set for release next year, and while I am excited for them, I can’t help but feel how disappointed I’ll be when they’re not, y’know, this mash-up.

You don’t know fear until you’ve seen Batman with a moustache.

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