Christopher McDonald Reacts To Norman Osborn Casting Rumours

My father has always had questionable parenting techniques; he once threw a salad at my head, because I – much like every other toddler – didn’t like eating greens.

At one point, I’m convinced he even tried to get a pack of wolves to raise me because he’d watched The Jungle Book, and that “seemed easier”.

And yet, my most fond memory of his wildly reckless fathering was allowing me, at the age of three, to watch Happy Gilmore – a film that was deemed by the British Board of Film Classification to only be suitable for persons of 12 years and over.

I was not. May I remind you that I was three?

But watching Happy Gilmore did something to me… It didn’t make be a better golfer; I’m still fucking dreadful at that. Instead, it opened my eyes to the world of comedy, and has since become one of – if not my all-time favourite comedy movie.

So it was an honour to speak to Christopher McDonald, who notably plays the film’s antagonist, Shooter McGavin. (And, yes, against every professional journalistic fibre in my being, I did say I “ate pieces of shit like him for breakfast.” There goes my Pulitzer Prize.)

I also spoke to him about his upcoming stint in Marvel’s Secret Invasion. As of yet, Christopher is set to star in an undisclosed role, but I saw many rumours about him portraying the Spider-Man character, Norman Osborn, so I put my psychology A-level to the test…

I tried deducting whether or not Chris would play Norman by honing in on every twitch and flinch on his face, as I suggested the name, and… Nah. It didn’t work. But my God, was it nearly some sweet clickbait.

Christopher continued to say that while he will be sharing a lot of scenes with Samuel L Jackson, he was most excited to work with Academy Award-winner, Olivia Colman, and that shooting for Secret Invasion will begin in London this August.

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