Paul Raci Teases Sound Of Metal Spin-Off Series

I don’t think there’s a day that goes by where I don’t say “I’ve been working at this job for five years now; I deserve a payrise. No-one has waited longer for a reward than I have”.

And then I met Paul Raci, the American actor who has been appearing in various film and television series – since his first stint as ‘Waiter’ in 1987’s Rent-a-Cop.

That’s when I realised at least one person had waited longer for a reward.

Now, after 34 years of bit-parts in the likes of Baywatch, Scrubs and Parks and Recreation, Paul finally scored himself his first Academy Award nomination, for his role of Joe in the incredibly moving and authentic Sound of Metal.

I had the pleasure of chatting to Paul, recently – and, usually, when I say “pleasure”, it’s just blowing smoke*; but in Paul’s case, I thoroughly meant it. I enjoyed chatting to him as much as I did watching his heartbreaking performance.

* Apologies if any of my previous interviewees are reading this now.

Following the critical acclaim of Sound of Metal, Paul hinted that we could be expecting a spin-off series, following his character, saying “Well, they have talked about it in the past.

“There has been talk of having a ‘Joe’s House’ type of thing, which would be fascinating,” he continued. “I can’t say that anybody’s really seriously put anything on the table, but there has been talk of it.”

Paul was almost as quick to confirm that he’d be open to reprising his role, as I was to saying I’d be open to watching him reprise his role.

The Academy Award nominee (it still gives me tingles typing that) then explained what is next for him, explaining that – thanks to his new management team – he has now been turning down roles, but has five “big, big roles” that he’s considering.

Soon, I got a bit too cocky, and trying flirting and charming my way to an exclusive, and Paul – after what appears to be quite a lot of media training – was quick to dodge further questions about his next films, but did give a cryptic clue.

“I’ll tell you what; if you look online and see some photoshoots I’ve done, there’s one where I’m wearing a wide-brim black hat,” he said.

“I did a great, great photoshoot with Josh Telles, and if you look at that thing, it might give you an inkling as to what’s coming up in the future. It’s very ‘dark shadows’, if you will”.

After days of trying to suss what he meant by that, I finally worked it out – Paul Raci is going to replace Michelle Pfeiffer in the sequel to 2012’s Johnny Depp vampire-comedy Dark Shadows. (Because, let’s face it; if anyone could transform themselves into Michelle Pfeiffer, it’s Paul Raci.)

Sound of Metal is on Amazon Prime Video now and will be in cinemas from May 17th.

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