Paul Feig Reveals The School For Good And Evil Casting Details

When it comes to comedy, I’ve tried (and failed) it all; I’ve done stand-up, I’ve written scripts; I’ve attempted improv; I’ve hosted several series, and now I’m starting to think, in some existential crisis that maybe… I’m just not funny?

Nah. Who am I kidding? I’m a hoot.

Which is why I took it upon myself to desperately crowbar myself into Paul Feig’s upcoming film for Netflix, The School for Good and Evil. (Don’t worry – he didn’t take me up on that offer, so you’ll get to read my articles for a little while longer.)

What do you mean by you ‘wasn’t worried’?

The Bridesmaids director said that they’re currently fleshing out the adult cast – after hiring Sofia Wylie as Agatha, and Sophia Anne Caruso as Sophie. He also said that there would be an announcement coming “very soon”.

Of course, you can’t have a Paul Feig movie without Melissa McCarthy, can you? Apparently you can, so that made me look pretty bloody stupid, didn’t it?

Paul continued to say that some of the talent involved are people that he’s worked with previously, but they’re not “who you’d expect”. He also stated that there are a few people in The School for Good and Evil that he’s always wanted to work with but hasn’t had the chance to until now.

Again, that made it rather apparent that he didn’t want me, as I very much gave him the chance during our chat, and he did not take me up on that offer. Way to rub salt in the wound, Paul.

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