Rian Johnson Jokes He Gave Bernie Sanders Knives Out 2 Script

In this fucked-up hell-hole of a world, there’s only a couple of things that can make me laugh – Chris Evans repeatedly telling Hollywood icons to eat shit in Knives Out, and memes about Bernie Sanders.

So imagine how much I laughed when I saw the two of them combined. (Well, it was only about three seconds, but I had to sell this article somehow, didn’t I?)

At Joe Biden’s inauguration, Bernie simply sat down, with a folder under his arm, and enjoyed the day without a worry in the world, until the internet got hold of it and created thousands of memes of him; with even the likes of Paul Bettany and Star Wars’ Joonas Suotamo joining in.

On Twitter, Knives Out director Rian Johnson replied to a fan who implied that Bernie’s folder actually contained the screenplay to the highly anticipated sequel. Rian jokingly said “Gave it to him like 3 weeks ago and still waiting on notes wtf”

The sequel to Knives Out – which presumably isn’t being guarded by a 79-year-old man – was announced in early 2020, and is said to feature Daniel Craig’s incredible Benoit Blanc, but the rest of the cast are yet to be confirmed.

He is said to be working on the script now, because, well, what else has he got to do? Apart from sharing memes of politicians on Twitter.

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