Reimagining Movies’ Scariest Villains As Cute Pixar Characters

For those of you that have read The Movie Dweeb for long enough, you’ll know that I absolutely hate horror movies.

(And if you are one of those stuck with The Movie Dweeb for so long, thank you. You are the real heroes. I write so much crap that 85% of the time, I can’t even be arsed to read it.)

I am petrified of horror movies. I appreciate that that is the whole reason of horror movies, but you get where I’m going with this.

I haven’t watch an entire scary movie since 2003’s Gothika, which I watched at a friend’s house, and proceeded to fully sprint home afterwards, at about 7:15PM, fearing that I would be attacked by an evil spirit.

I lived in a homely market town and civil parish. The only thing I could have been attacked by was work experiences at one of our four Starbucks.

I hate horror movies so much that the only way I could possibly endure one would be if Disney were to produce it, and… Well, would you believe it? That brings me nicely on to this feature.

Using ToonMe, an app you’ve undoubtedly seen all over social media and are presumably beyond fed up with already, I managed to reimagine some of cinema’s most villainous baddies as adorable Pixar characters, including…


Just get past the fact that ToonMe gave Voldemort a nose. That’s all I ask. I tried my hardest.


Hannibal Lecter

Hans Landa

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