The Funniest Reactions To Bruce Willis Refusing To Wear A Mask

There are many reasons to love Bruce Willis.

You should love Bruce Willis for having the audacity to make a fifth Die Hard.

You should love Bruce Willis for just being a general nightmare in interviews, and not giving a single fuck.

You should not love Bruce Willis for refusing to wear a mask. It’s so simple. How can a man who saved the earth from a meteor to the tune of Aerosmith be defeated by a piece of fabric? (Armageddon is a documentary. That all happened for real. My argument is not flawed.)

The 65 year old actor was spotted in a pharmacy, in California, refusing to wear a mask, despite having his bandana around his neck – just a mere few INCHES away from his mouth.

He was asked to leave by employees at the store, and left without purchasing a thing. It looks like he’s struggling to Buy Hard.

Later, Bruce told People that, “it was an error in judgment… Be safe out there everyone and let’s continue to mask up.”

This could just be a straight news article about Bruce Willis realising the error of his ways, and I move on. But it’s not going to be that.

The internet providing a glimmer of joy in this dark, miserable, rainy Wednesday as they meme’d the hell out of the actor, after his refused to wear a mask. Enjoy…

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