The Boys’ Jack Quaid Apologises For Killing Rue In The Hunger Games

I am halfway through the second season of The Boys. I know what you’re thinking; “It came out in September last year. You’ve had four months to watch it. What’s taking you so long?”

Below Deck. That’s what.

According to my girlfriend, Below Deck takes priority over anything on the television. In fact, it takes priority over anything, period.

I haven’t been able to watch if Homelander gets what he deserves because I had to spend weeks meticulously planning a Below Deck themed birthday party for my other half. Seriously…

And the worst part? I posted it to Twitter with the sole purpose of the crew seeing it and giving me a free cruise. I got one like from Captain Lee. That’s it.

What I’m trying to say is that if I see any The Boys news, I’m here for it. Even if it’s so far removed from the series itself.

I’ve been in lockdown for nearly a year now, worried about the state of the world in which we currently live in… But that’s still not enough to make me forget the harrowing death of Rue in The Hunger Games. Great. Now I’m crying again.

The 12-year-old tribute was killed in the first The Hunger Games film by none other than Jack Quaid – known for playing Hughie Campbell in The Boys. (I can see why Alex prefers Below Deck. Captain Lee would never kill a 12-year-old girl.)

Recently, one fan took to Twitter to point out that Jack’s character, Marvel, was behind the death of Rue, to which Jack replied, simply saying “Oh shit that’s right. Sorry.”

He can kill Translucent. That I’m okay with, but he will – wait for it – RUE THE DAY that he kills Rue. (Meh. It wasn’t worth the wait, was it?)

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