Michael B Jordan and Taron Egerton Eyed For Live-Action Hercules Role

I pride myself on my huge pecs and my rippling six pack. (I know I don’t have either of those things, but this is the internet; if I can’t lie about my appearance here, where can I?)

As a ripped, toned demigod, I was, naturally, disappointed when I heard that Disney were set to produce a live-action Hercules, and they didn’t give me the call. Maybe I’m just too toned? Could Disney fit all of my muscles on to a standard cinema screen?

I am, therefore, willing to give the titular role to some up-and-coming talent.

According to The DisInsider, Disney is currently eyeing up Michael B Jordan and Taron Egerton for the role of Hercules in the anticipated live-action adaptation.

Skyler Shuler, a reporter for The DisInsider says that Disney has been in contact with Ariana Grande to offer her the role of Megara.

In June, last year – back when we were okay with the prospect of working from home; and not losing it, smearing our own faeces on the wall – a fake live-action cast roster was leaked to Twitter, with Noah Centineo as Hercules, Killing Eve‘s Jodie Comer as Meg, Jeff Goldbum as Hades and Danny DeVito return as Philoctetes, much to Josh Gad’s delight.

While neither the actors nor Disney have confirmed the news, both stars are very busy with upcoming projects. Michael B Jordan is rumoured to be filming drama Journal for Jordan, and he’s been announced to be starring in Ryan Coogler’s Wrong Answer, as well as directing and starring in Creed III.

Taron Egerton is also filming for both Sing 2 and Tetris, and is rumoured for a role in the upcoming Little Shop of Horrors, alongside Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans.

Meanwhile, I’m watching old episodes of Beauty and the Geek Australia, so if they are busy, Disney, remember; I’m free. I’M ALWAYS FREE.

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