Tony Hale Pens Dream Toy Story and WALL·E Crossover Movie

Yes, I am a 27-year-old man that has all 22 released Pixar feature films on Blu-ray.

Yes, I will admit that I still sob hysterically at the beginning of Up, despite having seen at least three times this weeks.

Yes, I will also admit to sobbing hysterically because I was the fool who spent roughly £15 on Cars 3 on Blu-ray.

So imagine my excitement when Tony Hale, the voice actor behind Forky, suggested his own dream movie plot for Toy Story 5, which would see his confusingly named spork team up with WALL·E. (You don’t particularly need to imagine it – it went a little something like this…)

Speaking to Yahoo Movies UK, the Veep star said “WALL·E has that wide-eyed-ness, and I can just see him and Forky walking around in space. Forky’s got questions on earth – he’s going to have a lot of questions in space! Let’s put that pair together.”

Undoubtedly, Forky would have millions of questions for WALL·E – mainly being how WALL·E managed to keep a plant alive in a manky, old boot, whilst my girlfriend is killing our house plants like she’s Flowerbed Bundy. And now, in order to answer said questions, all we need to do is find a way for WALL·E to answer them.

Tony was helping promote Pixar Fest, which runs from 9 August – 6 September, and sees Disney+ host watchalongs on social media, as well as the likes of quizzes, in order to support MediCinema.

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