Danny Pudi Writes Dream Community Movie Plot

I hope my manager’s not watching this, because in the entire four months I have been sheltering in my flat, I have done about three days worth of work.

The rest of the time has consisted of drinking fruity cider, watching Community on Netflix and screaming in the dark on my own.

Fortunately, one of those three came in handy when I spoke to Community’s Danny Pudi. (I would say something witty here, but tragically I have been sticking to my word, and I’m one too many drinks in to think of a quick quip.)

Now, you may not know it, but there’s rumours that a Community movie is in the works – like, unless you’ve seen every single fan request, and the trending hashtag, and the table read, and the regular articles, and my interview with Joel McHale, you wouldn’t know that the possibility of six seasons and a movie is likely.

Danny Pudi, who’s known for playing Abed Nadir in the sitcom told me that he had his own ideas for the upcoming film, saying “We’ve never heard whether or not those tracking devices were removed from people’s bodies.”

In the episode Cooperative Polygraphy, Abed admits that he planted tracking devices on his fellow classmates.

“My initial pitch would be we use those tracking devices to find each member of the study group,” said Danny, insisting that this would be a montage set to the music of Childish Gambino.

Honestly, if 2 Girls, 1 Cup was accompanied by ‘Redbone’, I’d watch it, so I was already sold.

“We eventually find Troy, and we have to get him out of this bunker. There’s obviously a villain in place, which is probably City College. We have to somehow get Troy back, and we eventually become the administration.”

Danny Pudi is also working on his own screenplay during lockdown. (Just to clarify, if his lawyers are watching this, I learnt that during another one of his interviews; I’m not staring at him through his window. Not anymore, anyway.)

“I’ve been writing a little bit of a story about my family, and my relationship with my father,” said the Babysplitters star. “There will be some scenes that are very serious, and there will be some scenes where we’re talking about Polish dancing and how many earlobes we’d like.”

Naturally, being the egomaniac that I am, I asked/forced myself into Danny’s screenplay, insisting that my interview made it into the screenplay’s final draft.

Danny also went on to chose three actors to portray him, should the movie get picked up, including Disney star, Karan Brar; (I promise I won’t constantly rhyme during this sentence), Dev Patel and 77-year-old Amitabh Bachchan.

Yes, if you’re reading this, Pierce Brosnan – and I know you are – I can teach you how to play me, a gormless 27-year-old with a constant craving for cheese, for Danny’s upcoming script.

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